American Submitter’s ‘Hidden Treasures (They Want To Be Known)’ Review

The last he said / she said challenge with Lauren Passell is today. This last one comes from Galen BeebeBello Collective co-editor. Galen has given us American Submitter’s ‘Hidden Treasures (They Want to Be Known).’ 

Here is a snippet from Lauren’s review. 

“I think this is different than what everyone is listening to. It’s not following typical rules of a story. It’s like a hybrid piece of multi-media art.” 

Don’t stop there. Learn how we agree/disagree on this episode. Read the rest of Lauren’s review and while you’re over there, subscribe to her amazingly comprehensive newsletter.

Here’s my full review

What am I missing? As I’m sitting here trying to write this review, that’s the question I can’t get past. Did I find parts of it thought-provoking? Definitely. But I’m clearly missing something that others have gotten out of it that made it stand out.

What stood out to you the most?

I have two overarching thoughts on the episode.

  • For a large part of it, I felt sorry for the mother because it seemed she was missing out on so much of her daughter growing up.
  • From a practical standpoint, I loved the mindset that having a caretaker opened up the daughter to so much more in life – more than what the mother could’ve ever provided by herself.

How was this different or similar to what you usually listen to?

Honestly, the ‘experimental’ nature didn’t resonate with me at all. I have to admit that when I read Lauren’s review, I began to question if we listened to the same episode. To me, I didn’t feel it was any different than any other interview show. Sure, the daughter was a big part of the episode and following them during the course of their day was interesting. But what was so experimental?

Who would you recommend this show to?

People with kids. People expecting kids. People that are thinking about having kids.

Will you be adding this show to your listening library?

I don’t think so. But remember that my queue is so absurdly long that I have only 2 regular shows and I can barely get to those.

Are you on the fence about giving this episode a listen? Don’t forget about Lauren’s review which may tip the scale one way or another.

Podcast: American Submitter – Hidden Treasures (They Want To Be Known) (37 mins)

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