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Yes, it’s finally here! 19 months later, the Podcast Gumbo podcast is out in the world for public consumption. No longer is it stuck impostering in my brain.

For something that took so long, you would think it would be earth-shatteringly good. That’s not to say it isn’t but some may argue the point.

So what is the Podcast Gumbo podcast?

You know those amusing things we call National Days, like National Cheeseburger Day? I’ve always found them funny so why not make a podcast related to them?

In these sub-six-minute weekly episodes, my podcast friends will challenge me to find a podcast episode for me to recommend to you, related to what National Day it is.

I’ll then let you know about my friend’s podcast (a questionable ad-read strategy that I get no money for) and they will also recommend one of their favorite podcast episodes ever. So you’ll get 3 recommendations each week, just like the Podcast Gumbo newsletter. The episodes will be released on the morning of that particular National Day.

You will be able to listen to all the episodes here on this website as well as other places.

And like I do with my newsletter, I have a playlist so you can subscribe to all the episodes I mention on this podcast.

If you care to find out more about me, take a look at my bio.

Trailer Transcript

Hi, my name is Paul Kondo and I’m the host of this podcast.

Since I run in podcast circles (as well as circles in general), I’m always asked what my podcast is about. And I had to tell everyone that I didn’t have one. But that’s all over now.

Back in early 2018, I went to a seminar about podcasting with the thought of actually starting one. A day later, I decided I would write a newsletter instead. And that is how the Podcast Gumbo Newsletter started.

Now, finally yes, I’ve created this podcast, which is an extension of my newsletter.

So what’s it about….. you didn’t ask?

Each week, I’m asking a podcast friend to challenge me to find a podcast related to a National Day that week. As it turns out, I’m recording this on National Bathtub Party Day. Seriously.

Along with the recommendation related to the National Day, I’ll let you know about my friend’s podcast and also one of their favorite podcast episodes. So that means you’ll be getting 3 podcast recommendations each week, just like my newsletter. Funny how that worked out.

All this will be done in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for your morning purge and listening on your smart speaker.

The first episode drops on January 3rd, 2020. If you don’t subscribe, there’s a good chance you’ll miss it. So don’t do that.