The Big Loop’s ‘Surfacing’ Review

The fun continues this month with Lauren Passell, the writer of Podcast The Newsletter. As lovers of podcasts, we are entrusting four friends at the Bello Collective to recommend something to us, for each of us to review. Will they come through for us? 

For Week 3, Elena Fernández Collins, writer of the Audio Dramatic newsletter has offered up The Big Loop’s ‘Surfacing.’ 

Here’s a snippet of Lauren’s review: 

“I almost cannot believe this is a fiction podcast—the voice actor was so emotional, seemed almost on the edge of tears. I felt like someone was telling me a beautiful, true story.” 

Don’t stop there. Learn how we agree/disagree on this episode. Read the rest of Lauren’s review and while you’re over there, subscribe to her amazingly comprehensive newsletter.

Here’s my full review

When you want an audio fiction podcast recommendation, how many of you can fire off a quick slack DM asking Ely, the writer of the Audio Dramatic newsletter for something good? Not you? Too bad. I’m not sure how I got so lucky but I did.

I’m not sure if it’s me but here’s a huge tip for those interested in listening to this episode. Don’t do what I did and NOT read the description. In fact, I’ll say it here as it’s not a spoiler. 

The story is told by a daughter reading her deaf mother’s story. 

Through the telling of the story, the narrator and the audience learn about her mother, and specifically her one true love. It’s set in a time that some of us may know but certainly not an environment many of us are familiar with – Japanese pearl divers. 

What stood out to you the most?

This is not fair to focus on this but I was really confused. I turned it on in the middle of a long car ride going completely blind on what it was about except that Ely was so excited to recommend it. (Note – They have a transcript on the website which I found really helpful for my second listen.) 

The other thing is that I asked Ely for fiction and this wasn’t fiction. Or was it? (It is.) I think that was a big part of why it was so compelling to me. I don’t normally listen to fiction and this didn’t come off that way. It’s a one-person narrative that feels so real.

How was this different or similar to what you usually listen to?

Not to beat a dead horse but I almost never listen to fiction. Any fiction podcasts I have ever started were multi-episode stories, which never got finished. But again, this was immediately very unique – one narrator telling a story to us instead of an ensemble cast playing out a story. 

Who would you recommend this show to?

I’m going to say, people like me. Listeners that struggle with audio fiction. I just skimmed a bunch of episodes from The Big Loop and most appear to be sub-60 minutes so it’s not a large time commitment to try something new. 

I would also say that if you like audio fiction, there’s a chance that this is different than what you may be used to so give it a go. 

Will you be adding this show to your listening library?

I am completely intrigued to listen to other episodes so yes. I think I may have found some audio fiction that breaks my limited opinion of what the genre is!

Are you on the fence about giving this episode a listen? Don’t forget about Lauren’s review which may tip the scale one way or another.

Podcast: The Big Loop – Surfacing (35 mins)

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