How To Listen and Subscribe

Podcast Gumbo podcast cover

Listening to the Podcast Gumbo podcast will make you more beautiful and smarter. Isn’t that what you want?

My show will be released at least 52 times in 2020, one episode in every sequential 7 day period.

So if having more beauty and brains is your resolution for the year, here are some ways to listen to my podcast.

If you prefer to listen using an alternate way, just search for ‘Podcast Gumbo’ in your favorite podcast app (sometimes known as a podcatcher) and hit the subscribe or follow button. That way, it will always be there. And even though the podcast world typically uses the term ‘subscribe,’ it’s free. At least mine is!

If your app allows you to add a show manually via an RSS Feed / URL, just copy the link below into your app.

If you are new to listening or want a helpful guide to help out a friend who is just finding out about the wonderful world of podcasts, check out this beginner’s guide to listening to podcasts from my friend, Catherine O’Brien.

If none of that works, let me know so I can figure out what the problem is and get it rectified.

If you like my show, shout it from your favorite social media rooftop. If you want more good shows to listen to, you can subscribe to my newsletter and/or read about some of my favorites.