Scott Harrison Will Make You Cry

5 Years ago, I was attending an inbound marketing conference. Things were going pretty well. I was learning a lot. I was kinda interested in the keynote speakers but I didn’t feel like I HAD TO make sure I saw them. And that’s where I was dead wrong.

I’ve written about Arianna Huffington’s keynote which I loved. But I was honestly shaken by the keynote of some former club promoter, Scott Harrison.

I had never heard of Scott Harrison or his charity: water organization. charity: water’s mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

I’d rather not babble on about this because it’s silly. I can’t do his talk justice. All I’ll say is that it got really dusty for me in that room by the time his keynote ended.

Do yourself a favor and watch his keynote below. I’ve heard him speak on podcasts and although they are good, nothing can match this keynote.

What struck me is that I finally feel someone has perfectly nailed the charitable donation model.

If you want to listen to him on a podcast, The Growth Show’s interview is one of the better ones.


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