“If There’s Anything I Can Do For You, Let Me Know”

How many times have you said that to someone? I would argue that it’s the most common statement made at a wake or funeral. I’ve said it so many times and after listening to this podcast episode, I now realize how much of an ass I am.

Podcast link: What Did You Just Say?

Thanks Cancer! is a podcast by two hosts who want to share stories to be a resource for cancer patients. This episode though is arguably better for people that know those with cancer. What should you say to someone after finding out they have cancer? What should you not say or do?

The hosts provide guidance on things that would work better but also sharing one insane what-were-you-thinking statement, right off the bat.

Although the episode made me think, they say something near the end that I haven’t been able to shake for a week.

“If There’s Anything I Can Do For You, Let Me Know”

It’s natural to offer up some help without being intrusive and this statement has that in spades. Realistically, how many people have ever taken you up on it though? It’s just a throwaway line that makes you feel better.

As Leanna says,

  • “be concrete.”
  • “Don’t give the person with cancer a job.”
  • “Think of something that wouldn’t be too difficult for you.”

I’ve now given myself the directive never to offer up that statement again. I know I’m going to fail out of habit but I will train myself to catch it and offer up something better.

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