November 23rd – National Eat a Cranberry Day with Berry Sykes

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Podcast Recommendations for National Eat a Cranberry Day

Today’s guest is Berry Sykes, founder of the Podcasts In Color podcast directory.

Use #EatACranberryDay for all things related to this day. 

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Hey. This is Paul Kondo. This is the Podcast Gumbo podcast and I’ve got a rhetorical question for ya.

Are you like me and find those things we call National Days, like Cheeseball Day or worse, Moldy Cheese Day, amusing? Yeah, me too. So each week, I’ll have one of my podcast friends challenge me to find an episode related to one of those days and I’ll be releasing it on the actual day it occurs. 

So, let’s get to it. What is today’s National Day?

Hi Paul. Berry here. And I just wanted to know about National Eat a Cranberry Day. When I looked at this, it reminded me of a guy that just went viral for drinking his Cran-Raspberry juice on the way to work and so, I want to know more about cranberries. What can you tell me? 

What viral video are you talking about, Berry? I think maybe you are dreaming.

Ha. Yes, this seems to be quite the apropos national day right now. Ocean Spray must love this day. In fact, why didn’t I ask them to be a sponsor for this episode?!

Today, November 23rd is National Eat a Cranberry Day. I will admit that for Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner, the one thing I won’t touch is cranberry sauce. Never liked it; never will.

One little fact that I just found out is that there is a major crop in the two states I have lived my entire life – New Jersey and Massachusetts. But the biggest cranberry production comes from Wisconsin. 

For my first recommendation, I give you this episode from The Indicator, that explains that way back in 1959, celebrating this National Day would’ve been a big problem. You see, there was a food scare that caused cranberries to be pulled from supermarket shelves. 

After listening to this episode and eating a cranberry scone and riding your skateboard, tell us how it was using the Eat A Cranberry Day hashtag. 

Today’s guest is Berry Sykes. While Berry no longer creates her own podcast, she has always done something bigger and better for the podcasting community. Berry is the founder of the Podcasts in Color podcast directory. Podcasts in Color is the largest directory of podcasts by and for people of color. 

Berry has been a guest on many other podcasts. So for this recommendation, I’m giving you her interview on the Other People’s Podcast. Berry talks about Denver and wait…. for…. it…. Podcasts in Color.

For our third recommendation, Berry recommends the Okay, Check On Your HBCU Friends episode from the Okay, Now Listen podcast. 

One thing that I haven’t thought about during the pandemic is homecoming, mainly because I haven’t been to a college homecoming in many years. In the episode, the hosts talk about NOT having a homecoming at their Historically Black College and University. 

For today’s Extra Hot Sauce, I want to give a shout out to Overcast, which has been my podcast app of choice for many years. What made it even better this year, was that they included a section specifically for Podcasts in Color which made it so much easier to find great podcasts made by people of color. 

Come back on November 30th for a little bit of history and hacking.

As always, take a look at the show notes for links to all the podcasts mentioned in this episode as well as other life-altering information. To make it easy for you, there’s also a link to a podcast playlist that will contain all the episodes ever mentioned in this show. 

See you next week sometime for another round of recommendations. 

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