May 15th – National Nylon Stocking Day with Evo Terra

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Podcast Recommendations for National Nylon Stocking Day

Today’s guest is Evo Terra, host of the Podcast Pontifications podcast.

Use #NylonStockingDay for all things related to this day. 

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Hey. This is Paul Kondo. This is the Podcast Gumbo podcast and I’ve got a rhetorical question for ya.

Are you like me and find those things we call National Days, like Cheeseball Day or worse, Moldy Cheese Day, amusing? Yeah, me too. So each week, I’ll have one of my podcast friends challenge me to find an episode related to one of those days and I’ll be releasing it on the actual day it occurs. 

So, let’s get to it. What is today’s National Day?

Hey Paul, it’s Evo. I’ve got a fun one for you. I chose May 15th which as you know, is National Nylon Stocking Day. Why, you’re probably wondering, did I choose National Nylon Stocking Day as my day? Well, you see, first, I just chose National Stalking Day, you know, as in stalking, not Stocking. Turns out, it was Nylon Stocking Day and well, nylon’s got a pretty fascinating history and I like science and it has a science component so I thought, why not? Let’s see what Paul can come up with for National Nylon Stocking Day. Cheers!

Thanks to you Evo, I learned something that I never expected to. Podcast knowledge aside, I learned about nylon a bit. But let me give a little side story.

When I did some searching on nylon stockings in a certain podcast app, surprising to me, the first bunch of hits were either of crime or pornography. Forget the super random one about fish tanks.

Then, the other day, I was talking to two female friends (both who shall go unnamed) and told them that story and one said the first thing she thought about was sex and the other said World War II. I will refrain from any comments about that.

For my first recommendation, I found an episode about plastic from the 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy podcast. What does plastic have to do with nylon stockings? I was surprised to learn that nylon is a plastic. If you believe Wikipedia, nylon is a generic designation for a family of synthetic polymers based on aliphatic or semi-aromatic polyamides. I did not know that and more importantly, take a guess how many times I had to record that sentence before getting it right. 

In the episode, we learn about Leo Baekeland who invented the first fully synthetic plastic. 

So, to celebrate this day (and honestly every day), do NOT put a pair of nylon stockings on your head and run over to the nearest bank. Instead, maybe put a pair on your legs and do something sexy and use the Nylon Stocking Day hashtag. 

My guest today is Evo Terra. If you want to learn and think about podcasts, listen to Evo’s Podcast Pontifications podcast, where he will enlighten you about podcasts on a daily basis. I met Evo at the 2019 Podcast Movement event and he kindly provided me advice as I prepared to launch my show. I don’t have a specific episode to recommend as you’ll just want to go to his podcast and find a topic that you need to know about. There is no doubt he has covered it all.

For today’s third recommendation, Evo recommends The Geologic Podcast. Evo says, and I quote: 

“I’m recommending episode #652 of The Geologic Podcast. Not that it has anything to do with stockings. Or stalking. But more people should listen to Geo’s show. Even if you’re not all that into Herbie Hancock or bastards who wouldn’t die.”


I’m not sure what that means but why don’t you join me in listening to it? 

For today’s Extra Hot Sauce, I’m pontificating that my next episode will drop on May 22nd about an important California politician. 

As always, take a look at the show notes for links to all the podcasts mentioned in this episode as well as other life-altering information. To make it easy for you, there’s also a link to a podcast playlist that will contain all the episodes ever mentioned in this show. 

See you next week sometime for another round of recommendations. 

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