The Stereotypical Female Poker Player

I have no memory of ever playing poker versus a woman. I seriously doubt I have ever done so. And in a way, I’m pretty happy about that after listening to this Hidden Brain podcast episode. Please note that I’m an average player at best. By average, I mean probably winning 50% of games against my equally mediocre friends.

I’m not sure I’m going to spoil this episode if you don’t know what happens but why not take a listen first before reading on.

The episode struck me for a couple of reasons. It’s possible that it’s because I clearly remember watching this tournament live on tv.  Listening to this podcast brought back memories of an entertaining and dramatic event.

For non-players like most of us, we don’t play for a zillion dollars, winner-take-all. But it’s not impossible to consider the stakes for these players.

Why I love coming back to this particular episode:

  • That Annie Duke both suffered from stereotype thoughts yet overcame them to win a huge tournament. She was aware of how she could use stereotypes to her advantage.
  • Arguably, more importantly, at the 14-minute mark, she talks about tilt and comparing it to getting a flat tire. When something bad happens, at that point in time it feels quite painful. But if you consider it in the context of removing yourself from it for a few weeks or few months or even a year, would it honestly be that bad?

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