Desert Oracle’s Travel Options for the Collapse review

For my four newsletters in this month of November, I’m having some fun with my friend Lauren Passell, the writer of Podcast The Newsletter. As lovers of podcasts, we are entrusting our friends at the Bello Collective to recommend something to us, for each of us to review. Will they come through for us? 

For Week 1, Skye Pillsbury, the writer of the Inside Podcasting newsletter and now seasoned podcast host, has offered up Desert Oracle’s ‘Travel Options for the Collapse.’ 

As someone that is in the know about everything in the podcast industry, Skye oddly had trouble giving us a recommendation. But after a few back and forth DM’s, she dropped this rather unique episode upon us. 

Here’s a snippet of Lauren’s review:

“Each story is mysterious and ominous. The intent, I think, is to make the listener feel out of place. But the more I listened, the more I wanted to hear more and understand what was happening to me! ‘Travel Options for the Collapse’ lets us picture the desert after an apocalypse.”

But don’t stop there. Learn how we agree/disagree on this episode. Read the rest of Lauren’s review and while you’re over there, subscribe to her amazingly comprehensive newsletter

Here’s my full review

As soon as I started listening, I began to question my relationship with Skye. This is not the same ol’, same ol’. It sounds like fiction but it’s not. (In truth, I still have some doubts.) What is it exactly? It’s an audio piece that harkens back to a time when tv didn’t even exist. How did people hear about events and stories back then? Radio shows. Just like this. 

What stood out to you the most?

Right off the bat and carrying through the entire episode is the narrator’s tone. The way I would describe it is that it’s an old-fashioned radio show, even though I’m not old enough (really!) to have listened to an old-fashioned radio show. 

You can sense the narrator is spinning a story about the west, the Joshua Tree area to be more specific, even though the episode’s goal is to provide listeners outdoor options in the area to visit while the government has shut down the national parks in early 2019. 

That being said, it’s impossible to miss the disgust of the narrator towards the U.S. administration due to the shutdown. If you are a fan of the current administration, there’s no doubt you will struggle to get through the first 5 minutes, let alone the entire episode.  

How was this different or similar to what you usually listen to?

If you were to believe my comment about the style being an old-fashioned radio show, then this is nothing like what I usually listen to. When I hear unique things like this, I love it as I’m always looking for more creativity in podcasting. (See my love of Slaughterhouse Road.)

Who would you recommend this show to?

For those that feel that all podcasts sound the same, shame on you! I would offer this up to anyone who:

  1. is looking for a narrator with his own unique style
  2. doesn’t like the current administration
  3. is looking for other natural places to visit in the Joshua Tree area
  4. doesn’t like the current administration

Will you be adding this show to your listening library?

Based on a quick look through the show’s episode descriptions, this episode is a bit of an anomaly as it is more geared as a help-guide than a story related to the west. Because I was entertained by the tone, I’m going to find another episode description that intrigues me and give it another go. And then I’ll make the final call. 

Are you on the fence about giving this episode a listen? Don’t forget about Lauren’s review which may tip the scale one way or another.

You can also read Skye’s review here.

Podcast: Desert Oracle – Travel Options for the Collapse (28 mins)

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