Beautiful, Anonymous Chemo

First things first. No, I’m not sick. Hopefully, that title didn’t scare you.

Recently, I came across the podcast, Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. As the description reads, it’s a 1-hour phone call with a random person, hosted by a comedian named Chris Gethard.

I had no idea what to expect but given that I’m a bit of a podcast junkie, I decided to try out an episode. I had never heard of Gethard so I didn’t know what to expect. The first episode I listened to was Boy Crazy and I have to admit that I was sucked in. The caller is a young girl who’s well, boy crazy. To the episode’s luck, she comes across as very sweet and someone I was rooting for immediately. And Gethard has a pleasant style. He’s amusing but he does a great job of letting the caller be the main attraction which is refreshing.

A part of me feels like listening to two people chat aimlessly for an hour is a complete waste of time. Yet, I couldn’t pull myself away from listening to them.

A week later, I tried another episode, one where the caller is walking down store aisles. It didn’t take me long to shut that one down. Maybe it got better but I didn’t want to stick around to find out.

That leaves us with Chemo Chameleon. It’s about a young woman who is hours away from going to her first chemotherapy session. Given her recent diagnosis, she was upbeat and dare I say, inspirational. Granted, this was one tiny sliver of her life and there’s no way of knowing how she acts and sounds ‘normally’ but Gethard makes a comment that I’m sure most listeners are thinking. He wished her luck but felt with her attitude, she wouldn’t even need it.

I have to admit, this episode made me feel as if I needed a little attitude adjustment in my life. It’s very easy to be negative, especially when you’ve gotten a bad deal. This woman throws that on its head.

Could you do the same?

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